Hello, I’m Sean.

I’m a veteran designer & design leader.

I’m currently leading design at Pinwheel, a fintech startup focused on creating a fairer financial system.

I’m also an advisor for startups and entrepreneurs, and a nonprofit board member.

Before Pinwheel I worked on a few different things at Remitly and was on the founding team for Passbook, a neobank for immigrants. Prior to that I co-founded Tagboard, the company that brought social media curation to jumbotrons and news broadcasts.

On the side I dabbled with running an independent app studio called Sky Balloon. It earned a bit of notoriety but never became more than a fun hobby.

I’m part of the early wave of digital designers, so don’t ask me about moving from tables to semantic web unless you’re ready for some reminiscing.

When I’m not online you’ll find me at one of my children’s performances or games, or at Disneyland.

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