Hello, I’m Sean.

I’m a veteran designer & design leader.

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I am currently the Design Lead for Passbook by Remitly, a mobile bank account for immigrants.

Passbook includes the first physical Remitly product. I designed the card to affirm origins while conveying status and a premium quality.

The Passbook UX/UI strikes an intentional balance between utility and fun, with a style of accessible authority — a modern, approachable style with adherence to considered design patterns.

We learned the premium side of our aesthetic resonates well for marketing, so art direction for Passbook orbits around themes of status, prestige, and access to high quality.

In 2011, I co-founded Tagboard, a social media presentation platform. My role began as designer and quickly shifted to company and product leadership.

I designed Tagboard’s brand and visual identity with trends in mind, but also so it could stand the test of time. The brand mark itself integrates the hash symbol (#) and a lowercase T.

Initially, my work spanned from concept through to final execution, including development of the product prototype we used to raise investment capital.

Tagboard became an essential part of the social media ecosystem, providing a safe and easy way for organizations to display user-generated content in branded experiences, both digitally and in real-world venues.

Later, I would begin designing through people, as I helped support thousands of little decisions — about typography, layout, timing, color, hierarchy — which went into social media displays, seen by millions of people.

My greatest accomplishment during my time at Tagboard was leading this team of amazing folks to design, build, and deliver an award-winning enterprise platform to generate millions in revenue. (This was a staged “band shot”. They were so accommodating of me.)

For a few years, I was the Principal Designer at a small app development studio I co-founded. We made single-use utility apps for iOS.

Capture solved the problem of missing a special moment because the video camera took too long to launch. I designed the icon to mimic a physical record button, and the UI to do its job and stay out of the way.

Canned was a way to create reusable templates for text messages. We used mostly system UI, but I designed a custom control and UX for adding a specific recipient.

Quality social media was being drowned out by noise, so Starbird was a way to follow people’s favorites instead of their tweets. I designed a fullscreen card interface and horizontal swipe interaction experience.

Earlier, I led digital media production at The City Church, a large church with multiple campuses.

I designed, built, and maintained dozens of websites for the church's ministries and campaigns.

I was responsible for creative and art direction for book and CD covers, as well as for events and sermon series.

I helped design a campaign to invite an open conversation about Jesus, the most controversial figure in history.

The web-app I built let visitors anonymously fill in the blank, share their answer, view others’ answers (once they'd been curated), and agree/disagree with them.

As a design generalist, my skills are valuable for any company and indispensable for early-stage projects.

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